LAHYANG | LAHYANG, the scent of Silla, is a leading fragrance brand of Gyeongju.
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LAHYANG, the scent of Silla, is a leading fragrance brand of Gyeongju. We want to offer fragrance that recalls and retains fragrance in your memories. We want to deliver the scent of Gyeongju, a small yet memorable fragrance. Exclusively packed in Korean style and with added functions such as antibacterial, deodorization, and antistatic effects, our products are both exquisite and useful. The natural and healthy ingredients have been carefully selected by experts, and all of our products are environment-friendly and hormone-free.

Request a quote on our products

Request a quote on our products

We hope that our products can be a gift that makes both you and the recipient feel good by the sincerity they bring and become even happier with its nice fragrance. For quotations for thank you gifts or bulk orders, please write on our Board and we will get back to you with the details.

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Thank you event for Parents’ Day, Teacher’s Day! 어버이날, 스승의 날을 위한 감사 이벤트! Sho...

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We ask you for a careful examination prior to your purchase(e.g. size, type, or etc.) 구매하기 전에 주의 깊게 ...

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